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Our working history is presented in the varied projects spread the length and breadth of the UK in which we have delivered over the past decades. 

Ours is a history which reflects the pioneering path of the this company within the construction age; from the 1890s when Dawbers were registered as roof slaters merchants,and then in the early 20th century through natural progression of time onto the construction retail and commercial developments of modern times.

This wealth of experience and heritage, combined with our collaborative approach and reputation for quality, timely delivery and managerial excellence place us in a strong position to meet any challenges ahead. We pride ourselves on having a strong loyal work force in-which some have been with the company for over 35 years.

The current company has over 40 years’ experience involved in the installation of products and systems for walls and ceilings. Our services include dry lining and all types of partition installations and suspended ceilings systems.  We have over the years established relationships with all key suppliers, working together to provide the highest level of technical expertise the industry can offer combined with a highly experienced team of project managers and skilled labour. 

We pride ourselves on our repeat-order customer base as well as meeting the needs of new clients in the construction industry. DWC's differentiator is their capability in managing complex interfaces in building schemes so that they solve problems without any impact to other activities on site.