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Acoustic / Air Sealing works

We also are able to offer acoustic and air sealing works in conjunction with the Passive fire stopping works. We have an excellent proven record of being able to achieve site specific target levels required for both sound and air seal testing once we have carried out our air and accustic works.

Acoustic sealing is important to prevent sound transfer from one compartment to another. Schools and offices are particularly affected by sound issues. We use the same system as used for fire stopping and can offer sound reductions up to 56dB

Increasing energy costs and environmental issues in not wasting energy are becoming more important in buildings. The building envelope especially where different elements meet always have the most potential for air leakage. Again using the same systems as used in fire stopping we can seal voids to ensure air test targets can be passed.

Why choose DWC Group?

DWC Group offer a Nationwide Service. Our Technicians are able to offer advice on Accustic & air pressure testing on new buildings in accordance with ATTMA TSL1 Measuring Air Permeability of Building Envelopes (Dwellings) and ATTMA TSL2 Measuring Air Permeability of Building Envelopes (Non-Dwellings)

We are able to help with the step by step build process of each project by assistiing site with incormoporating good working practices in the site construction strategy assisting with internal and external penetrations schedules, envelope penetrations, standard and typical details on penetrations on fire and external perimeter walling and assistance with interfacing all works on site to create a build model and schedule ensuing all penetrations recorded. We would recommend a comfort test of the individual rooms before ceilings are installed inorder to highlight any defects in construction which would effect the air tightness test and accustic values required.